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Allen Concrete Products Offer Top Concrete Power Tools

Allen Concrete Products have one of the best products for power buggies, magic screeds, concrete power trowels, roller tube finishers, along with trowel pans and replacement blades.

•Power buggies – With a carrying capacity of as much as 3,000-Ibs, the operator behind the wheel can dump the material with a flick of a finger. The powerful motor allows you to navigate inclines, slopes and rough surfaces.

•Magic Screeds – Perfect for uniform distribution of concrete. The anti-vibration feature ensures that movement is confined on the blades, which is convenient considering pulses can reach 7500 rpm.

•Roller tube finishers – Another offering of Allen Concrete Products for striking off concrete efficiently and rapidly.

•Concrete Power Trowels – From walk-behind to ride-on, Allen Concrete Products have one of the finest lineups for that smoother concrete finish. Trowel pans and replacement blades are also available for all brands.

•Power Trowel Pans and Replacement Blades – Our pans are still the finisher’s choice because of its ability to cut bumps and our trowel blades are made of first class composite plastic or steel.

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