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Vibrating Paving Compactor

The team at Equipment Synergy International, USA, believes it has taken hardscape compaction into a new direction with its EVPC120. This vibratory plate is a departure from the standard steel plate with an optional bolt on neoprene pad. With its four rubber coated rollers, it is a dedicated compactor for that last hardscape application, setting the pavement tiles and pavers. The individually replaceable rubber coated rollers allow unlimited maneuverability, and won’t scratch, mark or chip the pavers.

No longer is the contractor spending countless man hours cleaning up excess sand to protect the pavers. With its 26” (665 mm) square base plate, operating weight of 275 lbs (124 kg) and compaction force of twenty three hundred lbs. This vibratory plate, is the ultimate labor saver. Designed with high production jobsites in mind, the rubber rollers allow the operator unmatched travel speed, precise turning, and the ability to go backwards just by rolling the compactor backwards. It is powered by a time proven GX160 Honda or EX17 Subaru gasoline engine.

A folding steel handle allows for a more compact unit during storage, and the handle mounted throttle control means no fumbling for the throttle at the most inopportune times. Initially introduced mid 2014 on a limited basis the response from the hardscape professionals have been stronger than expected.


Equipment Synergy International (ESI) offers a 70-kilogram class upright tamping rammer designed for cohesive materials. This rammer is powered by a reliable, economical and especially designed Subaru ER12 engine for rammer applications. This Subaru ER12 four-stroke engine produces higher horsepower at lighter weight, provides tilt control safety, low-oil shutdown, and more.

The ETR70S features dual air filtration, protective side panels and a throttle lever that also shuts fuel and engine spark off simultaneously for added safety. This all adds up to a highly reliable, safe and serviceable unit.

A longwearing 11”x 13” laminated wood and steel shoe brings the 3500 pounds of impact force to the trench. With a forward travel speed of 30 plus feet per minute, it has the ability to compact in excess of 3000 square feet per hour. Lower leg assembly sight glass allows operator to check oil at a glance and forces the unit to shut down when the oil level is low.

ESI introduces Air-Powered Equipment

Equipment Synergy International (ESI) introduced air-powered rammers, vibratory plate compactors and walk-behind power trowels at the World of Concrete 2012 in Las Vegas and The Rental Show 2012 in New Orleans.

Recognizingan increasing need for an al¬ternative to gasoline and diesel powered equipment, this eco-friendly equipment was well received and accepted by the contractors as well as the rental stores. The company is already seeing positive sales for all of their air-powered equipment for use where gasoline & diesel engine emissions or explosion from spark ignition would be dangerous the operators.

Air-powered equipment can be usedinside of buildings where engine exhaust will be a problem and in oil refineries where spark-operated equipment may not be desirable. Generally requiring only 60cfm ~ 80cfm for operation, the contractor can use one air compressor to operate multiple units and never have an internal combustion engine inside the work area.

Service between uses requires only clean-up and occasional checking of the equipment. The air motor eliminates many of your typical service issues and provides the rental company and the end-user great ROI.

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